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Do you dream of owning a secluded property where you can get away from it all but still have modern conveniences nearby?

We specialize in those properties! Most of our properties are about 40 minutes from the closest town.

Our land is affordable and perfect for those looking to set up a homestead, ranch, live off the grid, or make a smart investment for the future!

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Desert Vibe

Looking across a desert panorama calms interior noise. The wide open space just shuts down the chatter. Then the important stuff comes through. There’s a reason the old prophets went to the desert and not the jungle. No static in the scenery. The eye can rest and therefore, the heart.

Deanne Stillman

Mountain Vibe

You cannot deny their breathtaking beauty. Whatever the season, whatever the mountain, you have the opportunity to appreciate nature at its best. From the smallest flower, to the most dramatic rock face, from a cascading waterfall, to a snowy peak. No picture or words can do it justice: you have to be there.

Vanessa-Jane Chapman

Tropical Vibe

When you step into a fantasy, you get to know yourself better. I am in a tropical paradise with my favorite people on earth: my husband and two kids. The weather is awesome, the food is awesome and the sunsets are awesome as well.

Caterina Kostoula

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Mountain Land for Sale! 1.244 Acres in Northern California!

Mountain Land for Sale! 1.244 Acres in Northern California!

Buy this property in Modoc County, California and have the time with your family that you’ve always wanted. Bring the RV or go tent camping on your own property. Use it as a hunt base camp or use it to get away and unwind from the craziness life throws at you. You could even build a cabin there!

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